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Thermal waste processing - radar sensor monitors ash removal


Edelstahlcontainer mit Abwurfschacht
Meetbereik tot:
ca. 0,8 m
Heiße Asche
40 ... 200 °C
Speciale uitdaging:
Vakuum, enger Abwurfschacht, ungünstige Messeigenschaften der Asche


Thermal waste processing converts household and commercial waste into useful products. One very effective method combines pyrolysis and gasification. The pyrolysis is carried out at temperatures up to 500° C in the absence of air. The intermediate product, charcoal, is then gasified by adding air. The end products are high-quality fuel gas for power generation and ash as an additive for the construction industry. Reliable, continuous operation of the system requires exact monitoring of the de-ashing process. The ash container must be emptied when necessary and backup due to bridging in the chute avoided. For the deployed measuring system, the unfavourable measurement properties of the ash and the narrow passage in the chute represent a real challenge.

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