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Always under steam - Radar sensor ensures fuel supply for power plant


A manufacturer of corrugated fibreboard uses waste paper as a raw material. In the course of its preparation, up to 40 tons of reject are sorted out every hour. This consists of components associated with paper, e.g. foils, textiles, composites and printer's ink. Such materials cannot be recycled or landfilled. However, due to the high calorific value of the rejected material, it is burned in the company’s own RDF power plant. The generated process heat and electrical energy is used in the paper production facilities. The combustible material is fed via conveyor belt into a hopper and transported further with a screw conveyor. Continuous monitoring of the hopper is required here. The ultrasonic measuring technique used until now did not work reliably and led to backups several times. The result was mechanical damage to the conveyor system and additional costs from having to switch the power plant to a different fuel. Therefore, a search was undertaken to find a measurement technology that functions more reliably.

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Waste incineration