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Level measurement of detergent – with non-contact radar right through the vessel top


A major supplier to the food industry in Asia has specialized in the production of enzymes. These are used, among other places, in the brewing industry, in starch processing and in cheese production. The hygienic requirements for the process technology are very high. The process water lines are therefore cleaned regularly through active chlorination. The active ingredient sodium hypochlorite, which is stored in plastic PE tanks outdoors and metered in for the cleaning process, has proven its worth here. Until now, the level in the tank was displayed with a gauge glass. This meant regular on-site checks and an elaborate inventory management system. The medium is also very reactive with many substances, particularly organic materials. So a search was made for a simple, reliable and economical measurement solution – if possible, one not requiring invasive changes to the container.

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Level measurement through vessel top with VEGAPULS 61