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Liquid gas levels – measured with electronic differential pressure


The application Liquid gas, which is typically a mixture of propane and butane, is a by-product of petroleum refining. With its high energy content, it is an ideal fuel for cars (LPG) and for heating. It is usually stored in spherical tanks in refineries. Level measurement in these storage tanks is a real challenge. Liquid gas has physical properties that are not conducive to measurement, so only a few measuring methods are suitable for use. For safety reasons, two redundant measurement setups and a separate overfill protection system are always required. All measuring systems must be SIL2 qualified. Differential pressure transmitters with capillary systems are often used to measure the liquid levels. Due to the huge dimensions of the spherical tanks, extremely long capillary tubes are required. These tubes are exposed to outdoor temperatures, which influence the measured values significantly.

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Electronic differential pressure measurement with master (left) and slave (right)

Liquid gas storage tanks