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Wastewater treatment in an automotive painting plant


To provide a perfect finish on its vehicles, the traditional British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has to make sure all processes in the paint shop run optimally. A substantial part of the overall system is the wastewater treatment. Any malfunction in the clarification process has a direct influence on the quality of the paint job. All wastewater is recycled in an environmentally-friendly closed circuit system. One of the most important parts of the wastewater treatment process is the settling tank, where the flushed-out solids are removed. Two powerful feed pumps fill the tank and simultaneously move the unpurified wastewater downwards. The tank is strongly aerated in order to intensify the separation process. The precipitated solids sink to the bottom. The clean, aerated water flows over an overfall into the downstream clarification stages and ultimately back into the paint shop for reuse. The precipitated solids are regularly pumped out of the settling tank and disposed of.

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