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Ash silo

Level measurement and point level detection in the ash silo

Dane technologiczne

Zadanie pomiarowe:
Level measurement and point level detection
Miejsce pomiaru:
Zakres pomiarowy do:
25 m
Temperatura technologiczna:
+80 … +120 °C
Ciśnienie technologiczne:
0 … +1 bar
Szczególne wymagania:
Dust and noise, material cones and angles, poor reflective properties

Zakres zastosowania

Large quantities of fibre waste are produced during paper production. These are dried and burned and the energy released during combustion is used as process heat or to generate electricity. The ash is stored in high silos to be later used as an additive in the building materials industry. When the ash silo is filled, a great amount of noise and dust is generated and the material forms large angles of repose and overhangs. Filling, emptying and transportation logistics are controlled through the level measurement system.


Reliable readings in spite of difficult measuring conditions
Cost effective
Maintenance costs removed by air cleaning of antenna
User friendly
One radar sensor for all silo sizes, simple to install

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