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Pressure screen

Pressure measurement in the pressure screen

Dane technologiczne

Zadanie pomiarowe:
Pressure measurement
Miejsce pomiaru:
Pressure screen
Zakres pomiarowy do:
2 bar
Paper suspension
Temperatura technologiczna:
+20 … +50 °C
Ciśnienie technologiczne:
+1.5 … +2 bar
Szczególne wymagania:
Pressure surges, abrasion, contaminants in the suspension

Zakres zastosowania

Pressure screens are used to filter out impurities and separate fibres in stock preparation. A rotating screen basket inside the filter does the actual filtering. Pressure screens have an inlet for the suspension, an outlet for accepted stock and a discharge for rejected stock and contaminants. The process conditions are characterized by pressure surges as well as abrasion and contaminants in the stock. Efficient screening requires a controlled pressure difference between inlet and outlet, which therefore requires continuous, reliable measurement.


Reliable measurement despite strong vibration
Cost effective
High abrasion resistance guarantees long operation
User friendly
Self-cleaning and maintenance-free thanks to front-flush mounting

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