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Wood chip silo

Wood chip silo level measurement

Dane technologiczne

Zadanie pomiarowe:
Level measurement
Miejsce pomiaru:
Zakres pomiarowy do:
25 m
Wood chips
Temperatura technologiczna:
+5 … +50 °C
Ciśnienie technologiczne:
0 … 0 bar
Szczególne wymagania:
Material cones, huge amounts of dust and bridging in the silo

Zakres zastosowania

The wood chips are transferred via conveyor belts to storage silos up to 25 m high and stored there temporarily for further processing. The silos are filled and emptied in batches. During the process, large amounts of dust are generated, material cones and bridges form, which collapse during emptying. Reliable level measurement is needed here to ensure supplies for downstream processes and facilitate logistics planning.


Reliable continuous measurement, even during filling
Cost effective
Optimal container volume utilization
User friendly
Volume display and sensor adjustment in a convenient location

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