The plics® philosophy is catching on: VEGA now offers, in the form of its product family VEGATOR series 100, a standardized housing platform with a universal electronics and adjustment concept for signal conditioning instruments and isolating modules. Everything follows a modular concept. Channel numbers and functions are clearly structured, making selection easier. The order codes, operating manuals, connectors and temperature ranges were also standardized across the entire range of devices.  All units of the VEGATOR 100 series have identical dimensions. The device width is always 20 mm, even with the 2-channel models. A clever design ensures that the hazardous areas – Ex and non-Ex zones – are safely isolated from each other.´

As a follow-up to series 110 and 120 modules, the company is introducing VEGATOR 140, the transmitter power supply units with limit switch function. The active and passive isolators VEGATRENN 140/150 and the conductive signal conditioning instruments VEGATOR 130, which further round out the family of components, will then be gradually introduced.