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Wet deslagger

Level measurement in the wet deslagger

Process data

Measuring task:
Level measurement
Measuring point:
Wet deslagger
Measuring range up to:
1 m
Water and slag
Process temperature:
+20 … +80 °C
Process pressure:
0 … 0 bar
Special challenges:
Abrasive medium, steam, foaming


The hot, burned-out slag falls into the water quenching bath of the deslagger. A mechanical discharge mechanism pushes the slag out and, while doing so, presses out most of the entrained water. Evaporation and slag removal cause a steady loss of water. For that reason the water level in the deslagger has to be measured and replenished as required.

Your benefit

Reliable function despite abrasive
Cost effective
Automatic operation ensures optimum level at all times
User friendly
Maintenance-free operation

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