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Pressure measurement in the cleaner

Process data

Measuring task:
Pressure measurement
Measuring point:
Cleaner pipe
Measuring range up to:
6 bar
Paper suspension with contaminants
Process temperature:
+25 … +45 °C
Process pressure:
0 ... 0 bar
Special challenges:


Cleaners remove contaminating materials that are specifically heavier than fibres. In waste paper processing, these contaminants are, for example, sand, glass, stones or staples. The feed through the inlet is tangential in order to set the flow of material in rotation. The heavier particles migrate outwards due to the centrifugal forces and are precipitated downwards, while the lighter fibres in the middle of the vortex rise upwards and are passed on as accepted material. Pressure measurements in the inlet, outlet and overflow are required to regulate the process and ensure that it stays at the optimal operating point.

Your benefit

High operational reliability, even with abrasive contaminants in the process medium, due to ceramic measuring cell
Cost effective
Operating the cleaner at the optimal operating point
User friendly
Minimal servicing thanks to maintenance-free measurement

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