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Battery life VEGAPULS Air

Device parameters
Device type
Radio standard
Measurement interval
= {{settings.measurementsPerDay.value}} per day
Transmission interval
= {{settings.transmissionsPerDay.value}} per day
GPS measurements
per year
Battery life
Minimum: {{calculationResult.min <= 10 ? calculationResult.min : '> 10'}} years {{calculationResult.minDays}} days
Ø: {{calculationResult.typ <= 10 ? calculationResult.typ : '> 10'}} years Ø: {{calculationResult.typDays}} days
Maximum: {{calculationResult.max <= 10 ? calculationResult.max : '> 10'}} years Maximum: {{calculationResult.maxDays}} days
This calculation is purely theoretical. The energy consumption can be influenced by various factors.
The reception quality, measurement conditions and temperature fluctuations can influence the energy consumption. Battery life >10 years cannot be guaranteed due to battery life expectancy.