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Measured value indication, parameterisation and diagnosis

The Bluetooth function allows wireless adjustment of a sensor from a distance of approx. 50 meters. This saves time and reduces the risk for personnel, especially if the sensor is located at a measuring point that is difficult to access or in a harsh environment or Ex area.

You have convenient access to the current measured values, the event memory, the sensor status and the echo curve. Extremely simple with VEGA Tools app – on any available smartphone or tablet.

Adjusting level and pressure sensors with a smartphone: how does it work?

PLICSCOM with Bluetooth function allows sensor access from a distance for fast indication of measured values and sensor status and for diagnosis with the help of the echo curve and event memory.

❔ Is wireless adjustment secure? Can unauthorised access be prevented?

In order to guarantee secure wireless sensor operation and prevent unauthorized access, a security concept consisting of three levels has been developed together with experts from the Fraunhofer Institute.

📱 How does sensor setup work with the VEGA Tools app?

Where can the sensor PIN be found and what possibilities are there for diagnostics during operation? Learn more in this series of VEGA talk.

The advantages of wireless sensor operation

Secure connection through PIN and encryption


Ideal for use in high tanks and in areas difficult to access


Ideal for Ex areas

Simple retrofitting for all plics® sensors since 2002 with PLICSCOM

New options for adjustment and diagnosis

A quick look at the diagnostic information? A quick check of the measured value now and then? The VEGA Tools app makes it possible!

Instrument adjustment via smartphone or tablet

  • Simple and intuitive app operation
  • Optimised display in portrait and landscape format
  • Easy to use graphic visualisation
  • Menu structure identical to PACTware/DTM

Measured value display and diagnosis at a glance

  • Quick and easy visualisation
  • Display of measured value and sensor status
  • Diagnosis via echo curve and event memory
  • Display of other parameters, e.g. Bluetooth range

VEGA Tools app

Download the free VEGA Tools app for your device:

For iOS devices

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For Android devices

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