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A long-term relationship, through reliable level and pressure measurement

Apples from the southern Tyrol have made a name for themselves all over the world. They are marketed by fruit cooperatives in the South Tyrol and Trentino. These Tyrolean apples are not only enjoyed directly as tasty snacks, but are also processed into juices and concentrates as well as purees and flavourings. VOG Products is a fruit processing company with headquarters in Laives, Italy. The business is founded upon high quality, by focussing on hygiene, discipline and a commitment to setting new standards with regard to quality, service and know-how. Local farmers grow the apples over approximately 28,000 ha of agricultural land, using the latest technologies and production methods to meet the high demands of their customers. After harvesting, the fruit is washed, sorted and pressed. The resulting juice is concentrated with the help of special evaporation systems. After pressing, the juice is pasteurised and then stored in refrigerated warehouses under controlled conditions.


250 VEGA sensors measure level and pressure in production and storage tanks

With increasing automation and monitoring, the number of VEGA sensors grew from year to year.

VOG PRODUCTS and VEGA have been working together for many years. Today, more than 250 VEGA sensors are installed in the company. They control level and pressure in the production and storage tanks. Whether juice or concentrate – the products are pasteurised and later stored under sterile conditions in the company’s cellars. VEGA sensors monitor the level not only during the production and pasteurisation phases, but also during the storage phase in sterile drums. The most commonly used sensor type is VEGABAR 83 with a Profibus system. This process pressure transmitter is ideal for level and pressure measurement of liquids and viscous products under high process pressure. Thanks to its METEC® metallic measuring cell, the instrument delivers highly accurate measuring results, even under vacuum. The sensors monitor the pressure in the pasteurization process and the possible overpressure during the production process. The temperature ranges from 0 to 110 °C. When measuring the level, the maximum superimposed pressure is 3 bar. VEGABAR easily copes with these boundary conditions.
All sensors have to be very resistant chemically, as the tanks are regularly cleaned with caustic soda and peroxide. The sensors also require food industry approval.

Non-contact radar level measurement for strict hygienic requirements

Today more than 250 VEGA sensors monitor production at VOG.

Sensors of type VEGAPULS 63 were also installed. This radar level sensor is well qualified for continuous level measurement of liquids, and especially for applications with hygienic requirements, e.g. in storage tanks and process vessels. The encapsulated antenna system of VEGAPULS 63 protects against contamination and guarantees continuous, maintenance-free operation. Its front-flush mounting also ensures optimum cleaning in applications with rigorous hygienic requirements. VEGAPULS 64 and VEGABAR 82, which were launched in 2016, are also now being increasingly used in the plant.. VEGAPULS 64 is another radar level measuring instrument ideally suited for the food industry thanks to its non-contact measuring method. 

Process pressure transmitters with metallic measuring cells are also used a lot in this industry. These have an FDA-compliant oil filling, but only a thin process diaphragm and very low overload resistance. Diaphragm damage can thus occur relatively easily and is often not immediately detected. The filling medium leaks out and bacteria can lodge in the damaged sensor element. The ceramic CERTEC® measuring cell of VEGABAR 82, on the other hand, is dry and has a robust process diaphragm and very high overload resistance. This means maximum protection against process-related diaphragm damage and thus maximum hygienic reliability.

Ceramic measuring cells compensate large, rapid temperature changes and therefore maintain a reliable measurement

VOG PRODUCTS in Laives ensures high quality in its processing of fruit into concentrates, puree and flavourings.

In the VEGABAR 82 process pressure transmitter, the process temperature is measured directly behind the diaphragm of the ceramic measuring cell. Even fast temperature changes caused by changing media and CIP cleaning processes are detected instantaneously and electronically compensated. The user can thus be sure that the sensor is always delivering the correct measured value. All versions of this ceramic sensor feature a continuous temperature resistance up to +130 °C can be subjected to SIP cleaning processes up to +150 °C for a period of two hours.

Besides the high reliability and accuracy of the measuring instruments, the users on site especially appreciate their intuitive, user-friendly adjustment interface. No matter what type of measurement point, VOG PRODUCTS always rely on VEGA's expertise in selecting the most suitable instrument, and the many applications now operating successfully have proven them right.

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