The demand for innovative measurement technology for industry is also increasing in Scandinavia. With the new subsidiaries in Denmark and Sweden, which will open in spring 2024, VEGA is actively responding to this development and moving even closer to customers with its modern level and pressure measurement technology.
Scandinavia is not new territory for VEGA. A VEGA subsidiary has been operating in Norway since 2015. In Sweden and Denmark, VEGA was represented by local dealers until now. With the establishment of the two new subsidiaries, VEGA’s presence in the two countries with promising markets will now be consolidated. 

Customer service is the top priority
Jürgen Schuijren, Managing Director of VEGA Netherlands, is currently at the forefront of the expansion into the north. “We want to offer these markets the level of service that customers are used to from VEGA,” he says – in other words, short logistics routes, a common language with customers, and employees who are experts with VEGA measuring instruments. “Our goal is to serve customers in Sweden and Denmark in the same way as in other countries: With know-how, excellent service and, of course, our high-quality instruments, which, together with our employees, ensure that every customer gets the best solution for the desired application.” Specific customer training courses also round out the offering in Scandinavia.

Local industries offer great potential
There are many possible uses for VEGA sensors in both countries: “In chemical and pharmaceutical companies, in waterworks as well as in food and beverage plants, of which there are many. Besides that, there is a substantial shipbuilding industry in Denmark. In Sweden, we see great potential in mineral extraction, which can provide raw materials for chip production, for example,” says Jürgen Schuijren, pointing out just a few of the myriad possibilities. Both countries have also experienced huge growth in the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors. In his estimation, “Scandinavia is quite far along in the energy transition.” 

More than just a place to work
Suitable locations for the subsidiaries were found a few months ago. “We were looking specifically for a place that was more than just an office. A place that inspires and offers opportunities to relax every now and then,” explains Schuijren. In Denmark, VEGA can be found in the old Carlsberg City district in Copenhagen, a trendy environment where modern lifestyle meets history. In Sweden, VEGA is located in the innovative Hagastaden neighbourhood in the heart of Stockholm – and is helping to shape the future in the new 'Life City' building complex.

Both subsidiaries are starting operations with five sales representatives, two office staff, two service technicians, two sales assistants and a marketing manager. VEGA Denmark ( will begin work on 1 March 2024, VEGA Sweden ( on 1 April 2024.