Experience live how you can achieve more reliability in your process.
We have gathered a complete set of practical demos. 

We test our sensors in front of you by recreating the toughest site conditions: Buildup, Dust, condensate, Flooded sensors,...
Jump in one of the programm listed below or ask for a tailor made session:

The Truth About Guided Wave Radar: focus on oil level and interface measurements:
How to setup a GWR  for oil/water interface measurements in just 20 minutes.

New Sensors for the Cement, Mining and Mineral industries:
Do you have applications in your plant which are subject to extreme process conditions, such as moisture build up, vibration or dusty conditions? We recreate such conditions in front of you and help you define what sensors are recommended for the bulk solids.

New Sensors for Water and Waste Water:
Condensate, Buildups, flooded sensors, are common characteristics of Water and Waste Water applications.
In this 20 minutes presentation we compare the ultrasonic technology Vs the Radar technology with hands-on modules.

New Hygienic Pressure Sensors and Switches for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries:
Do you manage processes with high hygienic requirements? Do you want to optimize your production?
This demonstration is for you.