Simplicity for the user – that’s an important guiding principle at VEGA. It also applies to the many tools that are available for operating sensors and other devices. From October 2023, the range of capabilities will be considerably expanded.

What’s new?
VEGA is making the previously chargeable 'full version' of its DTM Collection the free 'standard version' for everyone: “We want to provide our customers with everything they need for quick and easy setup, diagnosis and maintenance,” explains product manager Ralf Höll – i.e. a comprehensive range of operational and maintenance functions at no additional cost. The DTM Collection comes with many valuable functions, including a calculation assistant for complex vessel geometries, extensive instrument documentation, diagnostics, recording and storage onto VEGA DataViewer.

What are the biggest advantages?
The VEGA DTM Collection is an entire software package that includes many useful features. For example, it enables saving or printing simple instrument set up overview documentation into PDF format. “Another valuable tool is the DataViewer,” emphasises product manager Philipp Ketterer. This Windows-based software is used to conveniently display, analyse, manage and archive field device data that can be stored locally. This includes instrument parameters, measured value records, event data, echo curves and many other important values. An additional plus: DataViewer data can be easily shared with customer service if necessary. “This simplifies and speeds up analysis enormously,” says Ralf Höll.

What else can the software do?
For some time now, VEGA has been steadily expanding the range and capabilities of the operating tools for its customers. For example, customer service tools have been conveniently and easily accessible, from wherever customers are working on an instrument for quite some time – via either the VEGA Tools-App or the VEGA DTM Collection. Since this spring, the cloud-based Backup & Restore function in VEGA Tools App has also made everyday work easier for users. It allows all sensor and device parameter data to be saved.

How can this all be linked?
myVEGA serves as the central hub and interface for all adjustment and operational tools. All the data can be conveniently stored and managed there: Whether parameterisation, diagnostics, backups, PIN numbers, access codes or test and inspection documents – users have everything important at their fingertips at all times. This is because access is possible via all operating and adjustment devices. “In conjunction with the other tools, this capability ensures simplicity and added value for our customers,” say the product managers with absolute certainty.