IO-Link is of particular importance as a communication protocol for the complex measuring tasks in factory automation. VEGAPULS 42 is now the perfect radar level sensor to go with it. Fast, simple and cost-effective, it meets the high demands of the industry and completes the IO-Link family of the instrumentation specialist, who now offers a complete portfolio for level, switching and pressure that includes VEGAPOINT and VEGABAR

With its versatile hygienic adapters, VEGAPULS 42 is particularly suitable for processes with strict hygiene standards and always the right choice when it comes to comprehensive automation with fast level changes. 

Focus on the essentials
The radar sensor is equipped with all the necessary state-of-the-art functions. At the same time, VEGA has taken care to optimise the product, "the VEGAPULS 42 is designed to be competitively priced, highly versatile and simple to use", explains product manager Marvin Moser. It enables communication with IO-Link, which means bidirectional data transmission with extensive diagnostics and parameterisation.

  • The key data at a glance
  • VEGAPULS 42 is designed for a measuring level up to a distance of up to 15 metres and can be used in temperatures up to 150 °C. The sensor configuration is suitable for cyclical production processes,
  • dosing processes and
  • downstream processes, like conveyance and filling systems

It is ideal for all standard applications where more functions would only make things more complicated. 

Bringing vast experience to factory automation
VEGA has been successful in measurement technology for over 30 years and is now the world market leader in the field of radar. By launching VEGAPULS 42, the company brings its many years of experience to factory automation. The new sensor is based on the radar chip developed in house at VEGA; considered to be the best on the market because of its wide dynamic range and versatility.

In hygiene-intensive industries like pharmaceuticals and food, non contact radar is the right measurement technology: The level is detected continuously without touching the medium, and process and ambient conditions do not affect the sensor. Reliable measurement technology at low cost – that makes the difference in production automation.