More reliable grain level measurements with 80 GHz radar transmitters

15. January
Large grain silos at a grain export facility in the Pacific Northwest.
A large grain export facility was having difficulties obtaining reliable and accurate level measurements in their grain silos. VEGA called to help and showed operators the benefits of non-contact radar with 80 GHz technology.

Precise radar measurement technology for fast processes

01. December 2020
Continuous level control for hydraulic oils in small containers in the production of corrugated board base paper and formats.

How radar made the CIP process for butter so much better

26. October 2020
Large day tanks are used to fill the 55-gallon drums. Chemical level is tracked with a VEGAPULS C 11 radar sensor.
A major dairy, known for its butter, automated the liquid level measurement of CIP chemicals using VEGAPULS radar level sensors.

How three municipalities are changing the game with better level measurement technology

03. September 2020
radar install over grate
Wastewater collections systems, treatment plants, and drinking water facilities are experiencing an awakening as new level measurement technology is increasing the safety and simplicity of widely-used processes found in every wastewater treatment plant in the United States. Radar sensor technology is making waves across the industry, proving to be more accurate and more reliable than instrumentation used in the past.

Automating level measurements saves time and money

23. July 2020
Operators previously checked the level in each silo manually.
The 80 GHz VEGAPULS 69 radar level sensor for solids accurately measures malts and grains in dozens of large silos at a large brewery outside of Mexico City.

Radar sensors with strong focusing ensure more precise values in continuous level measurement

18. June 2020
Radar is the better ultrasonic thanks to 80 GHz technology

Compact radar sensors without dead zone deliver reliable level values in small vessels

17. March 2020
Radar is the better ultrasonic, also in applications in small vessels

Compact radar sensors deliver reliable level values independently of process and environmental influences

11. February 2020
Radar is the better ultrasonic under any kind of process or environmental conditions

Plastic pellets to stadium seating: How 80 GHz radar level measurement guarantees seating for millions

30. January 2020
The VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor provides accurate continuous level measurements from the top of the silo holding plastic pellets.
The latest 80 GHz radar level measurement sensors can measure materials with low reflective qualities like plastic pellets and flakes. The VEGAPULS 69 uses a higher frequency and smarter, more sensitive electronics to make level measurements in silos that weren’t previously possible.

New compact radar level instruments defy buildup to deliver reliable measurement

16. January 2020
Even in applications with heavy buildup, radar is the better ultrasonic.
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