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VEGAPULS 64 provides reliability in the crystallization process in sugar production

21. September
The production of sugar requires perfect timing. Radar level measuring instrument from VEGA ensure that crystallization begins at the right time so that sugar crystals with exactly defined properties are produced.

A cool, light one, please

12. September
Radar sensor VEGAPULS 64 provides continuous stock data for a smooth filling process.

VEGAPULS 64 radar level sensor proves its prowess in the LNG/LPG process chain

06. September
Before LNG/LPG can be used as an energy source or used in production for the chemical or petrochemical industry, it must be put through a whole series of process steps. These are to remove unwanted elements, such as sulfur and mercury, along with refining it to ensure the quality and calorific requirements are met; prior to compression, transport and subsequent use. Through all these process steps, reliable level measurements are critical for the safe and smooth operation of the plant.

With 80 GHz through China

28. August
This time, our 80-GHz tour took me to the heart of China – to Baotou and Changchun, to be exact.

Pinpoint-accurate level measurement of raw materials in paint production

22. August
VEGAPULS 64 measures the level of raw materials in paint production with high accuracy despite the adverse conditions.

With 80 GHz into the far north

09. August
On May 29th our 80-GHz tour took me to the far north - to Sweden and Finland.

Reliable inventory management in salt storage silos thanks to 80 GHz

07. August
Reliable contents measurement in the salt storage silo of an Italian salt producer.

VEGAPULS 64 delivers results in a schnapps distillery

02. August
VEGAPULS 64 continuously measures the level in the boiler during the thickening process.

Around the World with 80 GHz – A week in Austria

25. July
A whole week ran under the motto "We love Radar" and thus 80 GHz. Filled with live demos and lots of practical examples, the presentations fascinated the participants.

Interview Marcel Schrempp

19. July
What exactly do you do in this department? We do the final process on the circuit boards received from our surface mount production centre to create the finished sensor modules.
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