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Around the World with 80 GHz – We love Radar in Japan

22. May
On Saturday, 22 April 2017 we took a direct flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo. In less than eleven hours we flew halfway around the world.

Interview: Holger Staiger

14. May
How important are technical achievements like smartphones and tablets to you? I think it would sound funny if, as an engineer, if I said nobody really needs smartphones or tablets. In reality, more and more people just can’t live without them, including me!

Level measurement under extremely harsh conditions in a diamond mine

10. May
Reliable level measurement under extremely harsh conditions in a South African diamond mine thanks to 80-GHz radar level sensor.

Wide dynamic range ensures universal use

04. May
With a dynamic range of 120 dB, VEGAPULS 64 sets new standards for the detection of even the lowest reflected signals.

Always reliable measurement, even with build up and deposits

27. April
Thanks to the high dynamic range of the sensor, signal attenuation caused by product deposits is largely compensated. This allows the level to be reliably detected even with contamination on the sensor.

Interview: Tobias Aberle

20. April
What experiences have you had with our 80 GHz radar VEGAPULS 64? I’ve had many very good experiences. Especially in field sales, it has been fun to participate in promoting and demonstrating a completely new product.

Measurement through glass

18. April
Since radar signals are able to pass through non-conductive materials such as plastic, glass or ceramic, a radar sensor can even be mounted completely outside of the vessel.

Simple adaptation to existing production equipment – mounting sockets

10. April
The excellent signal focusing and optimized signal processing in the close range allow VEGAPULS 64 to be installed, without loss of performance, on high mounting sockets.

Larger measuring ranges for bulk solids level measurement

04. April
Due to its particularly good signal focusing and high dynamic range, VEGAPULS 69 can detect poorly reflecting bulk solids reliably, even at a distance of 120 m.

Reliable level measurement with radar even under difficult conditions

30. March
When a process vessel has internal installations such as agitators, baffles or heating coils, maybe with strong condensation, splashing and buildup - it can be a real challenge to get a reliable level measurement that isn’t also affected by density, pressure and temperature change. There is a new contactless level sensor for liquids, which overcomes these challenges and is setting new standards in industrial level measurement. This blog explains about this revolutionary capability and how it works.
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