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Radar is the better ultrasonic!

The new VEGAPULS instrument series is available both as compact version with cable connection compartment (left in the photo) and as standard version with fixed cable connection (IP68). The new series is complemented by the VEGAMET controller (right in the photo), which can also be used to visualize all measured values.

VEGA have 30 years experience in process radar technology. A new era in radar level measurement began a few years ago when VEGAPULS sensors with 80 GHz technology were introduced for liquids and bulk solids level. Thanks to the more precise focusing of the radar  beam, the sensor virtually eliminates any unwanted or interfering reflections and the level measurement  therefore becomes much easier and more reliable. Many difficult measuring tasks for ultrasonic sensors are now becoming standard practice to solve with radar technology, like open channel flow, storm overflows, lime silos, chemical tanks, digesters and open water river gauging.

VEGA has added a new compact 80 GHz radar series to its portfolio of radar sensors. It is designed to be price competitive for water applications, such as those found in the water/wastewater industry or in auxiliary process loops in process automation. Within this, VEGA have designed their own new radar microchip, characterized by its extremely small size, fast start up time, high sensitivity and low energy consumption. The end result is a particularly compact and versatile radar sensor with excellent performance characteristics.




Robust, unaffected and weatherproof


The new VEGAPULS instruments are ideal for both liquids and bulk solids. They are available in two versions: with a compact housing and with a fixed IP68 cable connection. The radar sensors maintain steady, accurate measurements  without effect or loss of echo from external influences such as solar gain, air temperature fluctuations, weather conditions vapours, build up or condensation.

Focus and no blocking distance

Using 80 GHz frequency means they are highly focused, which enables them to be able to measure down into deep wet wells and shafts or through isolation valves, without detecting any false signals. Users can choose from 4 ... 20 mA, HART, SDI-12 or Modbus as the direct output signal, ATEX versions are also available. With no dead band or blanking distance they can also measure right up to the face of the sensor. This means no protective submergence shields are needed, removing any chance of clogging, fouling or unpredictable behaviour. If they are in a flood monitoring or overfill protection installation, they are designed to continue to measure to the sensor face and perform predictably, even when fully submerged.

Compact, yet happy to team up

VEGAMET Controller

Although the VEGAPULS instrument series are SMART compact devices, which means they can directly loop powered by SCADA, telemetry or by any field or panel controller/transmitter with a 4-20mA input, they are also complemented by a brand new range of optional VEGAMET controllers. These have also been specially designed to meet the requirements of the water/wastewater industry and feature a large graphic display that can be used to display measured values. They also enable quick and simple implementation of pump control and flow measurement in open channels. They are equipped for operation in outdoor environments and supplied in a weather-resistant housing.

Simple setup thanks to wireless operation

Both the sensors and the controllers can be operated via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. This makes  set up, display and diagnostics considerably easier, especially in harsh environments or in hazardous areas.


The new VEGAPULS radar instrument series offers many advantages over current ultrasonic level measurement technologies. Thanks to their better all-conditions reliability, ruggedness, simple operation and, last but not least, low price, it’s the obvious choice for the modern water  and environmental industries.

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