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Effective level control in milk of lime mixing vessel

07. August 2018
Logo of the company British Sugar.
Learn more about the production and mixing of milk of lime at the sole processor of the UK’s beet sugar crop, British Sugar.

Non – Contact 80 GHz level sensors in the Juice Industry

06. August 2018
Copella Juice right before the labeling process.
Konings Juice & Drinks UK Ltd. is a juice producer based in Boxford, Suffolk. The company sells fresh varieties of Copella apple and orange juice all over Great Britain. Learn more about Konings Juice & Drinks UK Ltd. and how they make use of the VEGAPULS 64 non-contact radar to receive a more precise measurement results.

Effective, accurate fryer control using new 80 GHz Radar

22. November 2016
Fryer Level Control - chips cooking in oil
A leading UK food and beverage manufacturer has a new, innovative solution for controlling an integral part of their tortilla chip production. At this site, VEGA contactless radars are already used to monitor the cooking of the raw corn, they are now using new 80 GHz level sensors to control the fryer oil levels

Level measurement solutions: The impact of 80 GHz frequency

09. November 2016
Contactless Radar on Agitated Vessel
New 80GHz contactless radar sensor provides reliable level measurement solution even with a boiling, rolling surface foam and heavy condensation. Learn how a reliable level measurement has helped a major sugar beet refinery.