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The Macallan & Grants (Dufftown) Ltd Site visits

22. August 2018
The Macallan and Grants (Dufftown) Ltd production site is located in the Highlands.
In course of a customer site visit VEGA's Senior Area Sales Engineer, Mark McPhail and Marketing Manager, Doug Anderson went to The Macallan Distillery and Grants (Dufftown) Limited production site. Learn more about those companies and how they make use of the VEGA devices within their application in this article.

Effective level control in milk of lime mixing vessel

07. August 2018
Logo of the company British Sugar.
Learn more about the production and mixing of milk of lime at the sole processor of the UK’s beet sugar crop, British Sugar.

Instruments and applications seeking a match!

12. February 2018
Here’s our take on the traditional lonely heart ads... but with a bit of a twist.

Keeping chemicals safe

11. December 2017
Acid and caustic day tanks with non-contact radar
Level measurement system for bulk chemical storage tanks (acid and caustic storage) at Cory Riverside Energy, waste to energy plant.

Radar delivers big water savings in EfW

24. November 2017
Cory Riverside Energy, waste to energy plant, uses VEGAPULS 64 80 GHZ radar on ash quenching process for reliable, accurate level measurement

5 key lessons when using Guided Wave Radar

07. September 2017
VEGAFLEX Guided Wave Radar
Our service engineers are setting Guided Wave Radars up every other day and have given us an insight into some of the most basic issues they regularly see.

Silo level monitoring: Part 4

12. July 2017
Large scale biomass silo
Why measure the level in a silo? This may seem to be an obvious question, but there are several reasons for asking it: what information are you looking for when you measure the level in a silo?

Level measurement solutions: The impact of 80 GHz frequency

09. November 2016
Contactless Radar on Agitated Vessel
New 80GHz contactless radar sensor provides reliable level measurement solution even with a boiling, rolling surface foam and heavy condensation. Learn how a reliable level measurement has helped a major sugar beet refinery.

Silo level monitoring: Part 1

23. August 2016
Silo level monitoring with VEGAPULS 69 and VEGAWAVE 63
Every year, millions of tonnes of bulk solids like cement, aggregates, animal feed, fly ash, cereals, fertiliser and plastic powders are routinely offloaded by tankers into silos, bins or hoppers in the UK alone. For many companies it is part of the everyday operations. So a reliable form of either or all of these:- silo level measurement, silo overfill protection, bin level indication or hopper level monitoring - is very important, the following blog posts will seek to illustrate why.

Reliable level measurement in an oil/water separator reactor

16. August 2016
New 80GHz contactless radar sensor provides reliable level measurement in an oil/water separator reactor for the recovery of mixtures in the recycling industry.
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