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Keeping chemicals safe

11. December 2017
Acid and caustic day tanks with non-contact radar
Level measurement system for bulk chemical storage tanks (acid and caustic storage) at Cory Riverside Energy, waste to energy plant.

Radar delivers big water savings in EfW

24. November 2017
Cory Riverside Energy, waste to energy plant, uses VEGAPULS 64 80 GHZ radar on ash quenching process for reliable, accurate level measurement

Silo level monitoring: Part 4

12. July 2017
Large scale biomass silo
Why measure the level in a silo? This may seem to be an obvious question, but there are several reasons for asking it: what information are you looking for when you measure the level in a silo?

80GHz level radar solution for agricultural bio-science sector

08. March 2017
Another success for the new VEGAPULS 64 80GHz radar at a leading biological pest control manufacturer in their small turbulent feedstock vessels. Our contactless radar provides true level and contents measurement even with turbulence and foam on the surface, as well as condensation on the antenna of the sensor.

Effective, accurate fryer control using new 80 GHz Radar

22. November 2016
Fryer Level Control - chips cooking in oil
A leading UK food and beverage manufacturer has a new, innovative solution for controlling an integral part of their tortilla chip production. At this site, VEGA contactless radars are already used to monitor the cooking of the raw corn, they are now using new 80 GHz level sensors to control the fryer oil levels

Reliable level measurement in an oil/water separator reactor

16. August 2016
New 80GHz contactless radar sensor provides reliable level measurement in an oil/water separator reactor for the recovery of mixtures in the recycling industry.

Environment Minister wants radar level sensors for flood level monitoring

01. August 2016
The Minister of the Environment for France, Ségolène Royal has been recently interviewed on TV.  Directly translated she said:  “Operative monitoring of floods overall worked well,  but some sensors have experienced problems, a new system of radar sensors will be trialled to compensate for this.” For those French speakers among you,  the full interview on French TV is at the bottom of this blog under Links.

Case study: How and why 80GHz level radar is increasing productivity in the screen house at E&JW Glendinning

27. June 2016
It's well known that following the extraction and crushing operations of aggregates, the screen house is the ‘engine room’ of a quarry where it processes and grades the aggregates. Its principle function is to sort the sizes of aggregates and ensure the right product is there, ready for coating, stockpiling or direct loading out onto transport. The main process challenges encountered in the screen house are the high dust levels, noise and vibration from the screens themselves and the associated machinery, as well as it being a very inhospitable environment for personnel.

80 Ghz a matter of frequency

06. June 2016
Understanding the benefits of 80 GHz radar and its importance for all liquid level measurement applications. With the recent launch of radar instruments in the 80 GHz frequency range for liquid level measurement, now is a good time to examine what’s behind this new direction in radar technology. So where does it come into its own and what are the benefits of using these new sensors in automated processes for control and inventory?