Meet experts, talk solutions, see working products not catalogues
The VEGA stand in Hall 5 will feature an array of products in working models. The simulations vary; from sensors coping in heavy seas on the deck of an FPSO, model of a Guided Wave Radar in a bridle with an interface emulsion you can generate yourself, a schematic cutaway of a typical multi-phase separator vessel and how different interface and emulsion layers can be effectively measured and controlled. New products at the show include:  80 GHz contactless process radar for liquids and solids. Integrated remote telemetry/inventory system. Bluetooth communications option for set up and maintenance of every VEGA transmitter... and everything since 2002 is upgradeable. Come to 5B38 for everything level, interface and pressure related in your industry.


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Oil and Gas focused process solutions, talk to the innovators, see our products at work
Multi-Phase Separator interface profiling model – externally mounted high accuracy SMART compact detectors for versatility and improved system performance. Works with emulsions, detects sand, works with foam and build up. Easily add discrete level systems and safety trips on the same installation.

Full range Radar level measurement systems, -196°C to 450°C and 400 Bar pressure. Guided Wave Radar interface measurement for in-vessel and external chamber mounting. New 80 GHz contactless devices with high focusing that can offer many advantages, including through-valve measurements for ultimate process isolation with simple installation.

Pressure solutions from gauge and absolute to differential pressure transmitters:  New D.P. transmitters with SIL 2/3 and an additional static pressure output for improved stability and more process data with fewer process connections. Electronic e-DP systems with no impulse lines or capillaries for density or pressurised vessel level measurement model.

Working models and simulations covering the many industries and our core  technologies – also find out about our secure Bluetooth connectivity system that works with all VEGA transmitters supplied since 2002.



Solutions for your process enhancements
Topsides: solutions for separation, pressure systems, chemicals, process water

Subsea: processing systems, manifolds, BOP controls

Brownfield: upgrades, safety trips, reworking and analysis of existing issues with level and pressure sensors, working with specialist contractors and engineering companies on feed

Exploration and drilling: mud tanks, mud systems, shale processing


Where to find us: At OE17 we are at the heart of the show in Hall 5, Stand B38 with a new, larger stand for more interaction with customers, and it also reflects our continuing engagement and deeper involvement with the UK Oil and Gas sectors.


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