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Effective, accurate fryer control using new 80-GHz radar

26. June
A world leading convenience food and beverage manufacturer in the UK has found a new, innovative solution for controlling an integral part of their process for manufacturing tortilla chip snacks.

Measurement of natural oils and fats for pet food production

19. June
The inventory stock and the rate of consumption of raw material during production are monitored by means of level measurement with the 80 GHz VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor for liquids.

Interview: Armin Pascal

14. June
What is important to VEGA when it comes to suppliers? We look for the same thing that our sales department looks for: long-term, partnerships and collaboration with our suppliers.

Reliable measurement all the way down to the tank bottom

12. June
Since radar signals with a higher frequency are more strongly attenuated in non-conductive media, reliable measurement right down to the vessel bottom is possible.

A test instrument proves its worth: 80 GHz solids level radar solves a difficult ash silo level measurement.

09. June
There are some measuring points so challenging that even experienced service technicians can reach their limits with them. This was the case in one of the most modern sewage treatment plants in Baden-Württemberg, where content measurement in an ash silo was required.

Around the World with 80 GHz – We love radar in South Korea

02. June
There’s a lot of interest in our new radar sensors in South Korea, too! My colleague Heinz Wöhrle and I recently visited two VEGA agencies there: HANLA, which specializes in shipbuilding applications and Handok, which covers the rest of the South Korean market.

VEGAPULS 64 level sensor solves difficult measurement problems in titanium dioxide production

29. May
Due to the narrow angle of the beam, the sensor can be reliably used even in vessels with internal structures.

For Chemical Operators: 3 Reasons to Use 80 GHz Radar for Liquid Level Measurement

25. May
Chemical processors have an array of technologies to choose from for liquid level measurement. This paper explains how 80 GHz radar sensors are separating themselves from the rest of the pack.

Around the World with 80 GHz – We love Radar in Japan

22. May
On Saturday, 22 April 2017 we took a direct flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo. In less than eleven hours we flew halfway around the world.

Interview: Holger Staiger

14. May
How important are technical achievements like smartphones and tablets to you? I think it would sound funny if, as an engineer, if I said nobody really needs smartphones or tablets. In reality, more and more people just can’t live without them, including me!
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