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Interview: Darrell Fairbanks

13. March
Field Service Technician and trainer extraordinaire Darrell Fairbanks has spent 35 years working in industrial instrumentation, the last 17 years with VEGA Americas. In this interview, hear what makes end users excited about the VEGAPULS 64 liquid level radar sensor and what makes Darrell excited to come to work every morning.

Lime supplier controls clinker level with VEGAPULS 69

20. February
A close look at a VEGAPULS 69 radar level sensor mounted at an extreme angle on a clinker cooler standpipe.
Learn how a global supplier of lime and limestone use the VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor to monitor level inside its clinker coolers.

Non-contact level sensors ensure greater safety in environments endangered by hazardous substances

16. February
Storage of various chemicals in tanks.
Disposal of chemicals requires specialized, well thought-out disposal solutions that are in accordance with current standards and ecological responsibility.

Around the World with 80 GHz – "We Love Radar" Encore in China

09. February
Product manager Clemens Hengstler combined Asia's most important marine exhibition, Marintec in Shanghai, with additional customer seminars on the topic of 80 GHz radar sensors.

Level Measurement 101: Demystifying Radiometric Level Measurement

05. February
Radiometric level measurement is common in the refining and chemical industries.
Welcome to Level Measurement 101, a series discussing various level measurement technologies. Expect to learn how these technologies work, the applications and industries that utilize them, and the benefits they deliver to users. In the first edition of Level Measurement 101, Product Managers Doug Branch and Chris Willoughby discuss and demystify radiometric level measurement.

Cables instead of capillaries – electronic differential pressure offers many advantages

25. January
Differential pressure measurements are used in many branches of industry for various measuring tasks. Besides mechanical measurements via active pressure lines or chemical seals, electronic differential pressure measurements are now also available. But what is the optimum solution for the user?

Using Differential Pressure to Measure Liquid Level When Density Changes

12. January
A pair of VEGABAR 80 series pressure sensors in an electronic differential pressure (EDP) configuration mounted to the side of a froth flotation cell.
In the third and final installment of our blog miniseries on monitoring the pressure of liquids with changing densities, pressure product manager Jeff Brand explains how to make a consistent density-compensated level measurement with an electronic differential pressure system.

Calculating Density with Differential Pressure

08. January
Differential pressure devices on an outdoor tank
Changing temperatures can alter a liquid's density and introduce error to a hydrostatic level measurement. In this post, pressure product manager Jeff Brand explains how process automation professionals can use a differential pressure setup to measure hydrostatic level and calculate density.

Hydrostatic Pressure and Extreme Cold: What You Need to Know

03. January
A snowy scene
Inspired by the chilling temperatures blanketing much of the U.S., pressure product manager Jeff Brand explains the relationship between pressure, density, temperature, volume, and level and offers advice to those using hydrostatic pressure instruments to measure level in outdoor vessels and storage tanks.

Finding VEGA: Christmas Edition

22. December 2017
World Map
Measurement technology affects our lives every day. From plastics used to make grocery bags to gasoline that fuels our cars to the water that runs through our homes, we depend on measurement instruments more than one might think. Read on to see how VEGA measurement instruments help create our most memorable Christmas experiences.
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