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Always reliable measurement, even with build up and deposits

27. April
Thanks to the high dynamic range of the sensor, signal attenuation caused by product deposits is largely compensated. This allows the level to be reliably detected even with contamination on the sensor.

Interview: Tobias Aberle

20. April
What experiences have you had with our 80 GHz radar VEGAPULS 64? I’ve had many very good experiences. Especially in field sales, it has been fun to participate in promoting and demonstrating a completely new product.

Measurement through glass

18. April
Since radar signals are able to pass through non-conductive materials such as plastic, glass or ceramic, a radar sensor can even be mounted completely outside of the vessel.

Simple adaptation to existing production equipment – mounting sockets

10. April
The excellent signal focusing and optimized signal processing in the close range allow VEGAPULS 64 to be installed, without loss of performance, on high mounting sockets.

Larger measuring ranges for bulk solids level measurement

04. April
Due to its particularly good signal focusing and high dynamic range, VEGAPULS 69 can detect poorly reflecting bulk solids reliably, even at a distance of 120 m.

Measurement technology comparison: 80 GHz radar sensors vs. ultrasonic transmitters for level measurement

30. March
A comparison of radar sensors and ultrasonic transmitters for non-contact level measurement.
For both liquids and bulk solids, 80 GHz radar sensors and ultrasonic transmitters are two popular non-contact level measurement technologies. But how do they compare in practical application?

Reliable level measurement with radar even under difficult conditions

30. March
When a process vessel has internal installations such as agitators, baffles or heating coils, maybe with strong condensation, splashing and buildup - it can be a real challenge to get a reliable level measurement that isn’t also affected by density, pressure and temperature change. There is a new contactless level sensor for liquids, which overcomes these challenges and is setting new standards in industrial level measurement. This blog explains about this revolutionary capability and how it works.

Interview: Franz Harter

28. March
You’re the training manager at VEGA. How long have you been doing this job? I've been doing this for 4 years now. I started in product management and product development, that's where, over many years I was able to learn in depth what I needed to know to deliver the best quality training.

3 things to consider when choosing a bulk solids level sensor

23. March
VEGA level radar sensors perform reliably through buildup.
An overview of a few factors that help determine what level measurement technology best fits a process.

Small process fittings extend the area of application for radar

22. March
VEGAPULS 64 expands the application range of radar sensors considerably – from very large storage tanks in the petrochemical industry to small filling systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Process separation in a jiffy with a ball valve

17. March
Thanks to the excellent signal focusing, hardly any interfering reflections arise when the sensor is mounted on a ball valve.

VEGAPULS 69 replaces silo weighing systems at building materials supplier Sto SE & Co. KGaA

14. March
Punctuality is a top priority at building materials supplier Sto and it depends entirely on the availability of reliable data on the raw materials and finished products in stock. The readings from the silos are now provided by the radar level transmitter VEGAPULS 69.

Radar technology can now be used even in small containers

07. March
Due to its very small process fittings and encapsulated antenna system, VEGAPULS 64 can measure reliably, even in very small vessels.

Interview: Christoph Müller

03. March
How did you get the idea to develop an 80-GHz level transmitter for liquids? 80-GHz sensors were already being used for bulk solids and since their introduction they have worked very well, we began testing this technology with liquids.

Detecting very small signals reliably

01. March
VEGAPULS 69 sets new standards. Because of its large dynamic range, it can measure even the tiniest of reflected signals.

Good focusing delivers security

20. February
The excellent signal focusing of VEGAPULS 64 enables reliable detection of the product surface even in vessels with many internal installations.

High-frequency radar level technology on the rise

08. February
The great success of the bulk solids radar sensor VEGAPULS 69 and the market introduction of the radar sensor for liquids, VEGAPULS 64, in May 2016, have set the direction of technological development in radar level measurement.