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MadTree Brewing uses VEGA instruments to serve quality beer to Cincinnati and beyond

22. May
Back Entrance
Go inside MadTree Brewing, one of Cincinnati's finest craft brewers, to see how VEGA measurement sensors help the brew house deliver a consistent, high-quality beer.

Celebrating 50 years at VEGA: Bob Lang

14. May
Bob lang
Bob Lang, Mechanical Assembler, celebrates 50 years of employment at VEGA. We were lucky enough to have him share some of his memories and experiences throughout the last 50 years. Read more about Bob's time here at VEGA.

Shingle manufacturer achieves precise pump control with VEGA 80 GHz level sensor

04. May
Shingles are dipped in asphalt and asphalt is measured with the VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor for liquid level.
4mm of liquid asphalt was the difference between running a pump at 0% and 100% capacity for a Canadian shingle company. They found the to-the-drop level measurement they needed with the VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor. Learn more in this success story.

Talking Treatment: Water industry insights

16. April
A wastewater treatment plant includes many opportunities for level measurement.
In Talking Treatment, our water and wastewater industry blog series, we explore the water treatment process, challenges facing plant engineers and technicians, and the technologies used to keep these crucial processes running. In the first edition, VEGA Americas water and wastewater industry manager Jim Burke discusses lift stations.

My Travel Diary: From Schiltach to Cincinnati

03. April
Read about how Julia, an IT employee from VEGA Grieshaber KG, has come from the Black Forest of Germany to Ohio's Queen City for the German IT-exchange program. Learn about her projects, trips around the country, and her experiences visiting America for the first time.

Level Measurement 101: Through-air Radar Does It All

28. March
In the second installment of Level Measurement 101, our series on level measurement technologies, Radar Product Manager Greg Tischler explains how through-air radar operates and why now is the best time to use this technology to monitor level in liquids and bulk solids applications.

Smart Moves: A comparison of two ways to measure mass flow of bulk solids on conveyors

28. March
Measuring bulk solids mass flow on a conveyor is of the utmost importance.
Mass flow measurements are common and necessary across many varying industries. From mines to paper mills to power plants, operators move material on conveyors. In any conveying application mass flow measurement is important for two reasons: control and material transfer. In this paper, radiometric product manager Doug Branch compares non-contact radiometric instruments and load cells, two popular methods of conveyor mass flow measurement.

Interview: Darrell Fairbanks

13. March
Field Service Technician and trainer extraordinaire Darrell Fairbanks has spent 35 years working in industrial instrumentation, the last 17 years with VEGA Americas. In this interview, hear what makes end users excited about the VEGAPULS 64 liquid level radar sensor and what makes Darrell excited to come to work every morning.

Lime supplier controls clinker level with VEGAPULS 69

20. February
A close look at a VEGAPULS 69 radar level sensor mounted at an extreme angle on a clinker cooler standpipe.
Learn how a global supplier of lime and limestone use the VEGAPULS 69 radar sensor to monitor level inside its clinker coolers.

Non-contact level sensors ensure greater safety in environments endangered by hazardous substances

16. February
Storage of various chemicals in tanks.
Disposal of chemicals requires specialized, well thought-out disposal solutions that are in accordance with current standards and ecological responsibility.
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