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Technology Days 2017

18. October
VEGA Americas hosted our first annual Technology Days in Cincinnati, Ohio for our South and Central American customers and representatives. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some of the workshops and events that were held throughout the week.

Breaking the Fog Bank: Mitigating Atmosphere’s Effect on Pressure Sensors

06. October
Changing atmospheric pressure inside a plant can toy with pressure devices that measure liquid level inside of storage and production tanks. In this paper, VEGA Americas pressure product manager Jeff Brand outlines three solutions to mitigating atmosphere's effect on pressure sensors and tells the story of a Costa Rican dairy that considered all three solutions. Which solution did the dairy ultimately choose? Read on to find out!

VEGAPULS 64 measures levels reliably in fruit and vegetable processing

05. October
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Many people take this old English proverb to heart, from babyhood through to adulthood. This means specialists in the fruit and vegetable processing industry have to make sure that even applesauce out of a baby food jar has the right consistency and quality. This includes the company Mainfrucht, a subsidiary of Grünewald International.

Interview: Greg Tischler

03. October
Greg Tischler discusses 80 GHz radar for level measurement.
With over twenty years at VEGA under his belt, product manager Greg Tischler talks about his role at the company and what excites users about the VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor for liquid level measurement.

VEGAPULS 64 monitors the level in chocolate cream tanks. The perfect melt.

26. September
The production facility of Socado S.r.l., near Verona, Italy, is the El Dorado of all chocolate addicts. Here, the company produces not only chocolate bars and filled chocolates for direct consumption, but also products that require further processing, such as chocolate blocks for the confectionery industry and many kinds of cocoa, milk and hazelnut based spreads.

VEGAPULS 64 provides reliability in the crystallization process in sugar production

21. September
The production of sugar requires perfect timing. Radar level measuring instrument from VEGA ensure that crystallization begins at the right time so that sugar crystals with exactly defined properties are produced.

A cool, light one, please

12. September
Radar sensor VEGAPULS 64 provides continuous stock data for a smooth filling process.

VEGAPULS 64 radar level sensor proves its prowess in the LNG/LPG process chain

06. September
Before LNG/LPG can be used as an energy source or used in production for the chemical or petrochemical industry, it must be put through a whole series of process steps. These are to remove unwanted elements, such as sulfur and mercury, along with refining it to ensure the quality and calorific requirements are met; prior to compression, transport and subsequent use. Through all these process steps, reliable level measurements are critical for the safe and smooth operation of the plant.

Finding VEGA: Hitting the Open Road

05. September
World Map
Measurement technology affects our lives every day. From plastics used to make grocery bags to gasoline that fuels our cars to the water that runs through our homes, we depend on measurement instruments more than one might think. Read on to see how VEGA measurement instruments help keep our summer road trips fun and safe.

My Travel Diary: From Schiltach to Cincinnati

01. September
Read about how Laura, an apprentice from VEGA Grieshaber KG, has come from the Black Forest of Germany to Ohio's Queen City to work as a marketing intern for six weeks. Learn about her projects, trips around the country, and her experiences visiting America for the first time.
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