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Level measurement in glass vessels with 80 GHz radar sensor

06. December
In addition to the many other advantages of the new radar sensors, two aspects make level measurement with 80 GHz in glass vessels particularly interesting: the small process fittings and the ability to measure through non-conductive materials. De Dietrich Process Systems, a company specializing in QVF® glass equipment, uses the new high-frequency radar based level technology to allow its users to significantly improve process monitoring.

Pressure measurement in the ozone collection pipe

15. October
Drinking water is the most important food of all. VEGA’s pressure transducers make an important contribution to the continuous processing of top quality drinking water.

Radar sensors from VEGA ensure accurate metering in lubricant production

11. October
Both level (left) and pressure (right) are measured in the autoclave.
Keeping track of several hundred tanks is anything but easy. The contents must be precisely measured and documented so that the metering of individual ingredients is correct. At the same time, this is the most important source of information for purchasing and sales. That’s why pressure and level at Zeller+Gmelin are not only measured by VEGA sensors, the measured values are also recorded in the VEGA Inventory System.

Pressure transmitters with wear-free ceramic CERTEC® measuring cells can compensate for temperature shocks

09. August
The cooking and canning of food is a proven method of preservation. A short period of heating food is enough to kill any bacteria and prolong shelf life. Temperature shocks occur during CIP and SIP cleaning cycles, and they are easily compensated by pressure transmitters with a ceramic CERTEC® measuring cell - for a reliable measurement.

Level Measurement 101: The Case for Hydrostatic Pressure

06. June
Our series on level measurement technologies continues with one of the oldest, most trusted process measurements. In this edition of Level Measurement 101, pressure and switching product manager Jeff Brand makes the case for hydrostatic pressure.

MadTree Brewing uses VEGA instruments to serve quality beer to Cincinnati and beyond

22. May
Back Entrance
Go inside MadTree Brewing, one of Cincinnati's finest craft brewers, to see how VEGA measurement sensors help the brew house deliver a consistent, high-quality beer.

Cables instead of capillaries – electronic differential pressure offers many advantages

25. January
Differential pressure measurements are used in many branches of industry for various measuring tasks. Besides mechanical measurements via active pressure lines or chemical seals, electronic differential pressure measurements are now also available. But what is the optimum solution for the user?

Using Differential Pressure to Measure Liquid Level When Density Changes

12. January
A pair of VEGABAR 80 series pressure sensors in an electronic differential pressure (EDP) configuration mounted to the side of a froth flotation cell.
In the third and final installment of our blog miniseries on monitoring the pressure of liquids with changing densities, pressure product manager Jeff Brand explains how to make a consistent density-compensated level measurement with an electronic differential pressure system.

Calculating Density with Differential Pressure

08. January
Differential pressure devices on an outdoor tank
Changing temperatures can alter a liquid's density and introduce error to a hydrostatic level measurement. In this post, pressure product manager Jeff Brand explains how process automation professionals can use a differential pressure setup to measure hydrostatic level and calculate density.

Hydrostatic Pressure and Extreme Cold: What You Need to Know

03. January
A snowy scene
Inspired by the chilling temperatures blanketing much of the U.S., pressure product manager Jeff Brand explains the relationship between pressure, density, temperature, volume, and level and offers advice to those using hydrostatic pressure instruments to measure level in outdoor vessels and storage tanks.
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