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Level measurement in glass vessels with 80 GHz radar sensor

06. December
In addition to the many other advantages of the new radar sensors, two aspects make level measurement with 80 GHz in glass vessels particularly interesting: the small process fittings and the ability to measure through non-conductive materials. De Dietrich Process Systems, a company specializing in QVF® glass equipment, uses the new high-frequency radar based level technology to allow its users to significantly improve process monitoring.

Assistance in the search for leaks

18. September
Sewers are regularly checked for unwanted water ingress, for example to determine if and where a sewer needs to be repaired. However, measuring the flow rate in partially filled sewer pipes is never easy. Thanks to its compact design, the VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor has proven to be a real problem solver for this.

A Clean Switch

05. July
At the Indian manufacturer of mixing and processing systems for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, Adam Fabriwerk, VEGAPULS 64 operates in hygienically demanding processes and measures contactlessly the level in the small vessels.

Radar sensor VEGAPULS 64 ushers in a new outlook for level measurement in chemical and pharmaceutical applications

19. October 2017
The 80-GHz radar sensor VEGAPULS 64 opens up perspectives in the smallest of containers and deepest of tanks in chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Interview: Greg Tischler

03. October 2017
Greg Tischler discusses 80 GHz radar for level measurement.
With over twenty years at VEGA under his belt, product manager Greg Tischler talks about his role at the company and what excites users about the VEGAPULS 64 radar sensor for liquid level measurement.

Interview: Alex Chang

23. August 2017
Alex Chang prepares is part of the VEGA Projects Team
Read how planning a project is like baking a pie, what makes lifelong users of 26 GHz radar switch to 80 GHz sensors, and how tall one has to be to play center on a Taiwanese basketball team in this interview with VEGA Americas project specialist Alex Chang.

VEGAPULS 64 delivers results in a schnapps distillery

02. August 2017
VEGAPULS 64 continuously measures the level in the boiler during the thickening process.

Interview Marcel Schrempp

19. July 2017
What exactly do you do in this department? We do the final process on the circuit boards received from our surface mount production centre to create the finished sensor modules.

Measurement technology comparison: 80 GHz radar sensors vs. ultrasonic transmitters for level measurement

30. March 2017
A comparison of radar sensors and ultrasonic transmitters for non-contact level measurement.
For both liquids and bulk solids, 80 GHz radar sensors and ultrasonic transmitters are two popular non-contact level measurement technologies. But how do they compare in practical application?

Small process fittings extend the area of application for radar

22. March 2017
VEGAPULS 64 expands the application range of radar sensors considerably – from very large storage tanks in the petrochemical industry to small filling systems in the pharmaceutical industry.
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