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VEGA measurement technology for the optimization of stone crushers

17. July
Sensors for monitoring and optimizing crushing machines: reliable level measurement protects the equipment, saves energy and leads to higher product quality.

Measuring rock flow on a conveyor belt: Application of the Month

01. July
Mass flow measurements are a necessity at quarries, mines, paper mills, and power plants. These measurements are required for two main reasons: control and material transfer. Getting a reliable and accurate measurement ensures operations run smoothly without interruptions or slowdowns.

Preventing overflows in fly ash silos: Application of the Month

05. June
fly ash silo
Safely storing fly ash is a matter of safety and air quality, which is why it’s heavily regulated by government entities. Having an overflow or a spill can be a big problem, which is why having a reliable and accurate level measurement is so important.

Avoid blockages in cyclone vessels: Application of the month

06. February
A FiberTrac 31mounted on a cyclone vessel in a cement plant.
Cement plants use cyclone vessels to create ingredients for cement production. Limestone and clay are heated to extremely hot temperatures before advancing to the next step in the process. These ingredients can accumulate and cause blockages, so operators need to monitor for plugged chutes in order to know when to keep the process running and when to shut it down for a cleanout.

Maintaining Your Mining Equipment

28. January
Close-up of a MiniTrac at a mining operation
The mining industry has been around for a long time, and as a mine endures, it must adapt to the latest technologies to stay viable because mining equipment is susceptible to aging technology and wear and tear just like everything else. VEGA constantly strives to improve density measurement technology for the mining industry to help our mining customers make those necessary upgrades with ease.

What haunts a Process Engineer’s Halloween?

30. October 2018
Trick-or-treat bowl
What would happen if all the candy companies ran out of sugar? That would be a truly scary Halloween. Fortunately, VEGA provides process instrumentation, so the candy creators always know just how much sugar is left in their storage silos.

Level Measurement 101: Point Level Switches – A Simple On and Off

09. October 2018
When all you need is a full or an empty measurement, a point level switch is likely the easiest, most economical option. This is a brief introduction to some of the most common technologies available: vibration, capacitance, microwave barriers, and radiometric.

Level Measurement 101: Guided Wave Radar Keeps It Simple

23. August 2018
GWR Blog
Our series on level measurement technologies continues with an economical solution to level measurement across industries for both liquids and solids. In this edition of Level Measurement 101, radar product manager Greg Tischler explains how guided wave radar keeps it simple.

Level Measurement 101: Through-air Radar Does It All

28. March 2018
Through-air radar for level measurement comes in a variety of antenna sizes.
In the second installment of Level Measurement 101, our series on level measurement technologies, Radar Product Manager Greg Tischler explains how through-air radar operates and why now is the best time to use this technology to monitor level in liquids and bulk solids applications.

Smart Moves: A comparison of two ways to measure mass flow of bulk solids on conveyors

28. March 2018
Measuring bulk solids mass flow on a conveyor is of the utmost importance.
Mass flow measurements are common and necessary across many varying industries. From mines to paper mills to power plants, operators move material on conveyors. In any conveying application mass flow measurement is important for two reasons: control and material transfer. In this paper, radiometric product manager Doug Branch compares non-contact radiometric instruments and load cells, two popular methods of conveyor mass flow measurement.
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