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Radar sensor for standard liquid measuring tasks in all areas of industry

The low-cost radar sensor with Bluetooth technology

Radar is the technology of choice in many level measurement applications. While ultrasonic sensors were commonly used in the past, the advantages of radar are so convincing, plant operators now prefer to use radar sensors instead. The VEGAPULS WL S 61 ensures a continuous, maintenance-free operation in standard liquid applications.”

Quick Facts

  • Wireless Bluetooth setup and adjustment
  • Can be used outdoors without restriction (LPR Standard)
  • Non-contact sensor for level and flow measurements
  • Measurement unaffected by weather conditions
  • Flood-proof housing with IP 66/68 (2 bar) protection rating

Common Applications

Poly vessel Open channel flow IBC tank

Package Options

Technical data

 Measuring range---Distance  8 m
 Process temperature  -40...60°C
 Process pressure  -1...2 bar

±5mm / ±0.2"

 Version With plastic horn antenna ø 75mm
 Materials, wetted-parts  PP/PBT/Silicone
 Threaded connection  G11/2
 Housing material  Plastic
 Protection rating  IP 68 (2 bar)
 Output  4...20 mA
 Ambient temperature  -40...80°C

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Ready to order?

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