VEGA are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of level and pressure measurement instrumentation, and, through our Customer Expertise Training package, we aim to raise the standard of application, installation and commissioning knowledge of our VEGA users. The training is delivered by qualified engineers from VEGA, who have first-hand, in-depth understanding of the theoretical and applied usage of our products based on practical experience.

Course Details

VEGA Level & Pressure Instrumentation with PACTware Software

Experienced trainers will give you a full grounding in using PACTware software and VEGA Instrumentation:

VEGAPULS Radar and VEGASON Ultrasonic Level Measurement
  • Introduction with overview of Radar & Ultrasonic level measurement techniques
  • Radar and Ultrasonic types and mechanical requirements
  • New Radar measuring technologies
  • Installation requirements
  • Components, maintenance & electronics exchange
  • 80GHz technology advantages applications

VEGAFLEX Guided-Wave Radar Level Measurement

  • Introduction with overview of Guided-Wave Radar level measurement technology
  • Guided Wave Radar Installation requirements
  • Guided Wave Radar specialist applications
  • Components, maintenance & electronics exchange

VEGABAR Pressure Sensors

  • Introduction with overview of pressure measurement technology
  • Pressure transmitter types and sensor technology
  • Mechanical and electrical installation requirements
  • Component parts and maintenance
  • Applications DP,EDP and Process Pressure


  • Basic Principle of operation and identifying types
  • Hands on the products and principle parts
  • VEGATOR Signal conditioners, isolators and barriers
  • Remote self test demonstration, fault finding and testing units
  • Replacing modules

VEGA Nucleonics

  • Level, Density and switching
  • Basic Principle of operation of Nuclear instruments
  • Basic Safety when handling nuclear measuring techniques
  • Installation, setup and calibration of Nuclear Gauges

PACTware Software

  • VEGA DTM Collection and PACTware software demonstration
  • Connecting to a field device - VEGAPULS Radar / VEGASON Ultrasonic / VEGABAR Pressure
  • Instrument set up and commissioning exercises
  • Reading echo curves and identifying problems
  • Backing up and retrieving data
  • Saving configurations, restoring parameters and serial number search
  • Reading echo curves and identifying problems