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VEGATOR series 100

The new signal conditioning instruments and isolating modules of the VEGATOR 100 series embody the plics idea

VEGA has been developing the plics® idea for more than 10 years now. The VEGATOR 100 series product family represents the latest step in this process: a standardized platform for signal conditioning instruments and barriers.

In line with the plics philosophy, the housing platform has an integrated electronics and operating concept, delivering consistency and uniformity even among simple components such as signal conditioning instruments and isolating modules. Everything follows a modular concept: channel numbers and functions are clearly structured, making selection easier, along with standardized order codes, connectors, temperature ranges, operating instructions, and more, across the whole series.

All devices of the VEGATOR 100 series have identical dimensions. Even in the case of the 2-channel models, VEGA maintains the standard width at 20 mm. This allows a higher installation density and number of channels to save valuable space in control cabinets. Careful attention to design ensures that the hazardous areas – Ex and non-Ex zones – are clearly, cleanly and, above all, safely separated. In the near future, VEGA will apply the platform idea to its entire range of signal conditioning instruments – true to the motto: everything from a single source, with real added value for the customer.

Current models: VEGATOR 111/112 and VEGATOR 121/122 signal conditioning instruments for point level detection, can be used in conjunction with vibrating level switches VEGASWING, VEGAVIB and VEGAWAVE in different electronics versions. Typical applications include monitoring functions such as high level alarm or dry run protection. Customers benefit most of all from the high-quality test function. By means of a test button, SIL and WHG function tests can be easily and conveniently performed without having to dismount the level switch, a very time-consuming operation. And: The signal conditioning instruments even confirm the successful completion of a test via LED.

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