Disposable plastic container

Level measurement in disposable plastic containers

Dati di processo

Compito di misura:
Level measurement
Punto di misura:
Disposable plastic container
Campo di misura fino a :
2 m
Media for fermentation
Temperatura di processo:
0 ... +20 °C
Pressione di processo:
0 … +0.2 bar
Sfide particolari:
Measurement through a disposable container, strong condensation of the medium on the inside of the disposable container

Campo d'impiego

When very small product batches are produced in the pharmaceutical industry, disposable plastic containers are often used. These are essentially polymer bags in which a fermentation process takes place or which contain a certain medium or buffer. Continuous level measurement is required to ensure high process efficiency.

I vostri benefici

Safe, reliable measurement from the outside through the bag
Cost effective
Time and cost-intensive CIP/SIP cleaning no longer required
User friendly
Simple integration and setup

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