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VEGA, the expert of Radiation-based measurement

Focus on CCR Projects in the Middle East

Interface tracking in desalters or alky settlers, density measurement of Coke drums and Hydrocracker units are just a few examples where Radiation-based technologies are used in the refining and petrochemical industry.

Radiation-based technologies cover the most demanding applications simply due to the fact that the complete system can be installed outside of the vessel without any contact with the product, even while the process is running.


One of the challenging application is the Continuous Catalytic Reforming Process (CCR).
The abrasive nature of the catalyst and the very high temperature required to reactivate the used catalyst, are a challenge for any other instruments.

VEGA's Radiometric system have been recognized by EPCs and Process Licensors all over the world as a reliable level control solution. 

Here are few recent projects where VEGA manufactured and commissioned such devices.


KSA - Farabi Normal Paraffin and derivatives Complex

  • End user: Farabi Yanbu Petrochemicals Company
  • Licensor: UOP 
  • Scope: Source (Model SHF), Point Level Detection (POINTRAC 31), Signal Conditioning (VEGAMET 391)

EGYPT - New Continuous Catalytic Reforming Project (CCR) & Platforming unit

  • End user: Alexandria National Refining and Petrochemicals Company (ANRPC)
  • Licensor: UOP
  • Scope: Source (Model SHF), Continuous Level Measurement (SOLITRAC 31) and Point Level Detection (MINITRAC 31)

Kuwait - Mina Al Ahmadi Refinery

  • End-user: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)
  • Licensor: UOP  
  • Scope:Source (Model SHF), Continuous level measurement (FIBERTRAC 31), Point level detection (POINTRAC 31).

Pakistan - Mid-Country Refinery Project , Qasba Gujrat

  • End-user:  PAK Arab Refinery Company  (PARCO)
  • Licensior : UOP
  • Scope :Source (Model SHF), Continuous Level Measruement (FIBERTRAC 31) and Point Level Detection (POINTRAC 31)

Egypt - ASORC Naphta Complex, CCR Reforming, Regeneration Section

  • End-user: Assiut Oil Refining Company (ASORC)
  • Licensor: AXENS
  • Scope: Source (VEGASOURCE 31), Continuous Level Measurement (SOLITRAC 31) and Point Level Detection (MINITRAC 31)

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