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Spotlight on the latest EPC projects with VEGA instruments.

PROJECT 1 : Saidabad water plant (Bangladesh)

With a rising population in Bangladesh, Dhaka might soon become the most populated city on earth.
As the number grows, the supply of drinking water becomes a challenge.
To ensure a constant quality of the drinking water, the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority chose one of the major water EPC to build the Saidabad water plant.
This company was in charge of designing a sustainable solution and to double the treatment capacity of the plant, as a second step.

For this project VEGA has been entrusted to supply 80 level transmitters, 50 pressure transmitters and 40 level switches. Reliable level and pressure instruments ensure a smooth operation during the treatment of the raw water, the storage of the drinking water and its distribution.

PROJECT 2: Al Dur 2 RO Plant (Bahrain)

Designed and built by a French EPC, the Al Dur 2 Reverse Osmosis plant in Bahrain has already been producing quality drinking water for the last 6 months. This RO plant, with a total capacity of 50 Million Imperial Gallons per day, benefits from a technical innovation used in the filtering process. The pre-treatment phase combines a Dual Media Pressure Filter (DMPF) with cartridge filters, thus reducing the footprint of the plant.

This particular combined system is continuously monitored to keep the filters operational.
For that, VEGA performed a collaborative study with the EPC to supply an ingenious concept of Differential Pressure Measurement, called the eDP. 
This unique design replaces the traditional DPTs and their impulse lines (tubing) and allows the EPC to drastically reduce maintenance operations and to protect the system from the high corrosive nature of the sea water.  

A total of 180 sensors have been installed, including 35 Radars and Guided wave Radars and 80 Pressure or Differential Pressure instruments.

PROJECT 3: Rabigh-Jeddah-Makkah Pipelines (KSA).

A total of 450Km of pipelines has been designed to transport drinking water from Rabigh to the Jeddah and Makkah region. 
The titanic project initiated by SWCC includes the operation of a twin-pipeline system combined with multiple pumping stations, water towers and surge vessels.

The scope for the Instrumentation includes approximately 50 Radars sensors used for measuring the water level into the towers and tanks.
Additionally,  about 100 vibrating switches will provide the monitoring system with Low and High alarms.
The surge tank levels will be monitored thanks to the installation of  Guided Wave Radars.

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