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VEGA Desalination Projects with EPC companies

VEGA a global partner for EPC Projects

With subsidiaries and representation of VEGA on all continents, the headquarter in Germany pilots an international delegation of EPC project teams implemented locally in 23 different countries.

VEGA - Desalination projects in the Middle East

Nearly half of the world's desalinated water is produced in the Middle East which in-turn has substantially lead to the emergence of new projects in recent years.

VEGA instruments play a critical role in the desalination process.
You will find them at any corner of the plant, no matter if this is a RO plant, a thermal plant or a hybrid solution.

Thus, VEGA has been awarded as an instrument supplier for some major projects across the Middle East.
This blog article mentions some of the latest and most ambitious desalination projects that VEGA has supplied for.



Maulik GURJAR, Project Manager for the Middle East

"Our international team is capable of handling Mega-size projects no matter where the EPC is located and no matter the final destination of the plant. 
The Middle East being one of the most dynamic regions when it comes to desalination projects, it was imperative that VEGA made its presence known.

In 2007, VEGA decided to step foot into the Middle East and since then has been able to build robust relationships with its end users. Now with a Projects team formed in Dubai, we are able to support EPC projects from the early stage until the commissioning of the plants.

With VEGA's regional presence, we stay close to the projects from infancy to completion and beyond. From planning, instrumentation and functioning of our devices, we get to witness the life span of the plants, thereby creating a long-standing relationship with our end users.

​ Al Jubail SWRO Desalination Plant Phase II

Saudi Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) announced a daily production of 400.000 m3 for the new Al Jubail Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant. The SWRO plant will provide desalinated water to Jubail City and its industrial areas.

The Phase 2 project was awarded in 2020 to the Chinese EPC SEPCO III. Early in 2021 SEPCO III appointed the Water Company METITO for the design, engineering  and procurement of Jubail II SWRO Plant.

  • Measurement Technologies:
    This gigantic project includes countless measuring points.
    VEGA is proud to be part of it and to supply its contactless radar sensor, a state-of-the art technology used for various level applications.

Julien Philbert, EPC & Global Contract Manager for VEGA France

"French EPCs are among the most innovative and active EPCs for drinking water and desalination solutions.
From our office located in FRANCE, VEGA is able to have a direct contact with the innovation centers and technical teams of the EPCs. This allows both parties to design and provide together unique and competitive solutions for each instrumentation projects."

Rabigh 3 Desalination Plant - Post Treatment

Located in the western region of Saudi Arabia, the Rabigh 3 desalination plant has a capacity of 600.000 m3/day that will serve 1 million households in the Makkah Al Mukarramah and Jeddah region. This plant uses the Reverse Osmosis technology  and is the world's largest desalination plant.
This project specifics was for post treatment.

For the post-treatment facilities, VEGA France worked with the company SIDEM to supply innovative solutions to the offtaker ACWA Power. 

  • Measurement Technologies:
    This project includes a variety of measuring points, from capacitive VEGACAPS 63 and 66  , VEGABAR 82 for eDP as well as VEGASWING and VEGAPULS
    VEGA is proud to be part of it and to supply its contactless radar sensor, a state-of-the art technology used for various level applications.
Vanesa Munoz, Project Manager for VEGA Spain

"VEGA SPAIN has been awarded 6 desalination projects recently with KSA and UAE as final destinations. Our partnership with the major Spanish EPCs has been fruitful and has positioned VEGA as key player in the Middle Eastern market"

RABIGH 3 Desalination Plant - Reverse Osmosis

Rabigh 3 is using the Reverse Osmosis technology  and is the world's largest desalination plant. Located in the western region of Saudi Arabia, the plant has a capacity of 600.000 m3/day will serve 1 million households in the Makkah Al Mukarramah and Jeddah region.

VEGA Spain was awarded by the EPC ABENGOA to supply Differential Pressure technologies for the Reverse Osmosis process at Rabigh 3.

  • Measurement Technologies:
    Additionally to traditional Differential Pressure Transmitters (DPT), VEGA supplied  hundreds of its unique Electronic Differential Pressure Transmitters system (e-DP).

Shuqaiq 4 Desalination Plant

The Spanish EPC ACCIONA will build its third desalination plant for the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC).
The Reverse Osmosis plant will have a capacity of 400.000 m3/day and will reinforce the supply of potable water to the south-west region of the kingdom.

  • Measurement Technologies:
    VEGA will supply free space Radar sensors for level measurement applications as well as Pressure and Hydrostatic Pressure transmitters.

Jubail 3A IWP

Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) is the off-taker of the Jubail 3A IWP.
The EPC project has been awarded to a consortium led by ACCIONA.
The spanish company will also operate and maintain the plant over the contractual period.
  • Measurement Technologies:
    VEGA's state of the art and unique system for Electronic Differential Pressure measurement (e-DP) has been selected to equip hundreds of measuring points.

Al Khobar II Desalination plant

Al Khobar II RO plant will join Al Khobar I plant to supply Saudi's Eastern region with potable water.
Similarly to Al Khobar I plant, the EPC contract has been awarded to ACCIONA. 

  • Measurement Technologies:
    Radar level sensors and Hydrostatic sensors are part of the instrumentation package VEGA supplied.

DEWA Desalination Plant

The DEWA owned desalination plant located in Jebel Ali (DUBAI) is already running at its full capacity. The plant, built by ACCIONA and BESIX, produces 182 Millions Litres of drinking water daily. The desalination process chosen by DEWA is based on Reverse Osmosis technology.

  • Measurement Technologies:
    VEGAPULS Radar sensors and VEGABAR Pressure transmitters are used in the RO plant.

Dubal SWRO

The Chinese EPC SEPCO appointed ABENGOA for the construction of the SWRO located in Jebel Ali.
The Desalination plant will supply  potable water for industrial use.

  • Measurement Technologies:
    The instrumentation package supplied by VEGA includes different types of level sensors such as Radar and Ultrasonic transmitters. Additionally VEGA will supply Pressure transmitters with Ceramic cells, a material highly resistant to abrasive product and overload pressure.

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