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VEGA eDP (electronic differential pressure) solution for DPMF filters clogging control

The Al Dur 2 Reverse Osmosis plant in Bahrain, designed and built by SIDEM, consists of two independent production streams of 25 million Imperial Gallons of drinking water per day.
There is a common seawater intake pumping station that screens and distributes the flow into two separate streams. Each stream of the plant is composed of the following main stages:  
Reverse Osmosis membrane filtration, 
Post- treatment, 
Exportation, and 
In the pre-treatment process an innovative combination of dual media pressure filter (DMPF) and cartridge filters (CF) is applied, a technology owned by Veolia. For proper functioning this system requires measurement of the difference in pressure  before and after the DMPF. 

The challenges, and the solution

Conventional differential pressure transmitters (DPTs) with impulse lines (tubing) had been used traditionally in such applications. To reduce the maintenance operations, and to protect the system from the highly corrosive sea water, not resolved even by the use of noble materials, SIDEM was looking for a new technology. The solution provided by VEGA consists of two VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitters, joint together to form a single eDPT, the electronic differential pressure transmitter, to control the 34 locations with filters on the site.


The eDPT offered by VEGA met our needs perfectly, and that’s why we opted for this technology at the Al Dur 2 plant in Bahrain. After the installation and commissioning on site these eDPTs have given us complete satisfaction so far. The plant is producing drinking water since November 2020, and the VEGA eDPTs are working perfectly. We have as well equipped the same filter systems on our other site in Rabigh 3 that is producing Potable Water since the 31st of December 2022 in Saudi Arabia”, - says Mr. TONNELLIER, Instrumentation Engineer.


An innovative hardware and software concept makes it possible to combine all pressure sensors of the VEGABAR 80 series to form an electronic differential pressure system. Electronic differential pressure measurement is commonly used on filters, pumps and pipes.

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