Our innovative level, flow, and pressure solutions are making waves and leading the way for meeting latest monitoring, control and regulatory requirements for the UK Water Industry. Applications range from MCERTS flow and EDM, water treatment, CSO networks monitoring, sludge handling, flood monitoring, chemical monitoring and distribution, to name just a few.

  • Radar level sensors for the water industry:
    30 years to become an overnight success – over 30 years ago VEGA began developing radar microwave technology to now deliver low cost, highly versatile and resilient level sensors, as market leader you can trust and try our devices. Now they feature MCERTS Class as a stand-alone loop-powered sensors, as well as the option to use with controllers too. Want to try a device and see how it fits your needs?

  • Pressure sensors built to perform and LAST: Measurement you can rely on for many years with minimal drift and recalibration checks; for level, DP flow or pressure monitoring. From submersible pressure transmitters to Bluetooth SMART pressure switches, ‘traditional’ and electronic Differential Pressure systems for flow and filter monitoring.

Our robust and customisable sensor designs provide features like flush mounting, very highly abrasion and pressure-shock resistance, as well as featuring unique WRAS certification and approved materials.

Curious to see how and why our devices differ from the others? Come to stand S10, fill in an enquiry form for 90 day free trial unit for on an application of your choice.