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Level sensors with the latest version of the VEGA adjustment software – ready for the future.

In the latest version of its proven adjustment software: DTM Collection  04/2018, VEGA has fully updated its portfolio of user-friendly device drivers – standardized for all sensors and signal conditioning instruments. Compatibility tested across all sensor versions, the new DTM generation completely replaces previous Device Type Managers for both new and older sensors. This means that all components – with their customary high quality – will continue to work together harmoniously in the future.

DTMs for high-performance communication

VEGA level measuring instruments can be set up, operated and maintained via the DTM Collection 04/2018. Sensors benefit from the numerous functional enhancements made possible via the new adjustment software and the extended range of options for communication: The wireless mobile data communications devices using the external GSM/GPRS/UMTS radio unit PLICSMOBILE and the modular, universal display and control unit PLICSCOM. These devices are now also available with Bluetooth option for both set up and operation of wireless communication. 

Secure connection with PINs & codes

When it comes to wireless connection between the system and the measuring instrument, there is one thing that matters most to users: that no unauthorized persons are able to "interfere" with communication. For this reason, the extended services on the "myVEGA" customer portal    provides ways to manage and protect these user interfaces even more securely. With the "PINs & Codes" function, access to confidential access data for sensors and devices can be managed in accordance with the latest security standards. 
With VEGA sensors, the automatic backup of the PINs and codes already assigned, is all about secure, easy access – around the clock, offering full retrieval and recovery of information for devices.  After all, what use is the secure encryption of a PIN if even the authorized persons on site cannot remember it? For that reason, in the section of myVEGA "PINs & Codes", all the access data is synchronized in the background between the various adjustment devices, such as smartphones or laptops. In this way, they are securely stored and retrievable. Tedious searches for access data or efforts to restore them thus become a thing of the past. 

Speaking the VEGA language

DTM Collection 04/2018 will continue to be the widely known, deliberately lean setup, configuration and diagnostic tool for VEGA sensors and signal conditioning instruments. Included with PACTware 5.0 FDT software, it has been released for Windows versions 7, 8 and 10. The software package, developed according to FDT/DTM Style Guide, is now available free of charge in the download area under 

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