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Inventory visualization with VEGA Inventory System: It allows suppliers to plan far-sightedly and optimize their logistics.

VEGA Inventory System: Supplier in the Focus

At LogiMAT, VEGA connects customer’s stocks directly with the supplier

Lower inventory levels mean lower costs. An example of how inventories are automatically optimized will be shown by VEGA at LogiMAT 2018: VEGA Inventory System delivers all important supply and forecasting information reliably and at the right time.

For logistics companies, it is becoming more and more important to monitor goods at all times, wherever they happen to be. With VEGA Inventory System, measuring instruments on tanks and silos can now communicate directly with the supplier and report any need for replenishment fully automatically. The user-friendly software accesses not only the current measurement data, but also previous consumption data and order quantities as well as future planning targets. The automated flow of information thus guarantees long-term benefits for all links in the supply chain: early transparency for the supplier as well as security of supply for the customer.

Measurement data with added value

VEGA Inventory System ensures that every delivery brings the right amount to the right place at the right time. Behind this intelligent software are powerful VEGA measuring instruments that monitor with high precision the current conditions in the storage containers. VEGA offers a wide range of sensors for continuous level and pressure measurement – always with the potential to optimize process control. The instrumentation specialist attaches great importance to providing the best possible, customized sensor solution for every measurement task.
There is no measuring technique that is equally suitable for all applications. However, with its new generation of radar sensors that operate at the high frequency of 80 GHz, VEGA covers quite a broad spectrum of liquids and bulk solids. Whatever the installation situation, properties of the medium or ambient conditions, VEGA has the right technology – for efficient processes and sustainable stocking.

The difference worldwide

VEGA is an international manufacturer of sensors that measure level, point level and pressure for process automation. Customers in over 80 countries benefit from the proximity and market expertise of VEGA subsidiaries and sales partners, who provide them with the tools and know-how for demanding measurement tasks in liquid as well as bulk solid applications. The company’s 1,250+ employees worldwide make the difference.
VEGA stands for high standards and innovative measurement technology. Its instruments currently operate in process tanks, storage tanks, silos and mobile containers in a wide variety of process industries. With a focus on added value, VEGA develops measurement solutions for many sectors: from chemical and pharmaceutical, food, environment and recycling, to water and wastewater, energy, petrochemical, mining and shipbuilding.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018


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