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In an exhibition space of over 60 m², the new VEGATRUCK presents measurement technology

VEGATRUCK – classroom "on the road"

As informative as an exhibition booth, as comfortable as a seminar room – and as cool as a custom semi truck! The Black Forest instrument manufacturer VEGA now offers
interested companies on-site training in measurement technology that is as versatile and flexible as the VEGA measurement technology itself.

The new VEGATRUCK is concentrated knowledge on wheels. On roughly 60 m2 of exhibition space, it offers not only the complete infrastructure of a modern classroom but its convenience and comfort as well. A counter with bar stools also serves as a catering area and "cinema": presentations and animations are shown on the large screen there. The counter is located in the centre of the exhibition area, where visitors will find numerous instruments and industry models just waiting to be touched and tried out. All measuring instruments on board are functional and connected in a network, just like in an industrial plant. This means: training under realistic conditions. A small staircase leads to the communication area, which is fully equipped with signal conditioning instruments, software and another screen. Training is carried out by competent and experienced VEGA consultants.

The VEGATRUCK training program on level and pressure measurement technology encompasses industry-specific seminars and device-specific events as well as special topics such as SIL, plics®, PACTware or VEGA Inventory System.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016


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