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Batch holding tank on a filling system

Level measurement in the holding tank of a filling system

Process data

Measuring task:
Level measurement
Measuring point:
Measuring range up to:
0.3 m
Conductive solution
Process temperature:
+20 ... +50 °C
Process pressure:
0 ... +15 bar
Special challenges:
Small levels, rapid level changes, Autoclaving


Pharmaceutical products such as drugs and vaccines are held in batch filling holding tanks ready to be filled into injection vials under absolutely sterile conditions. After each batch, the holding tank has to be totally sterilized using an autoclaving procedure. During this process, the sensor is exposed to a pressure of 2.5 bar and a temperature of 130 °C for at least half an hour. The rapidly changing levels of the aqueous liquids are continuously monitored. The rapidly changing levels of the aqueous liquids require continuous and precise monitoring.

Your benefit

Approved materials in compliance with FDA and EC 1935/2004
Cost effective
Reliable, continuous operation with absolute hygiene
User friendly
Standardized housing and adjustment concept

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