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VEGA product lines


Unlimited variety in highest quality and precision. 

That means: all integration options available, any mounting situation, all process fittings available, highest pressures, lowest temperatures and use with all conceivable media.

Every sensor of the PRO line is optimised to meet the individual requirements of the various industrial sectors and precisely tailored to the specific application.


Compact and precise all-rounders. 

That means: optimal measurement technology "made by VEGA" for standard processes and basic applications.

Not available in all versions, but in all important, standard versions and with numerous connection variants.

Every sensor of the BASIC line is easy to integrate and quickly ready for operation.


Reliable data security even without cables. 

Sensors of the AIR line are used in mobile applications wherever reliable and precise levels create added value for work processes. 

The wireless standards LoRA, NBIoT or LTEM transmit your data securely to the VEGA cloud server.

Ideal for automatic reordering or just-in-time emptying – anywhere in the world.