On the road, at home, at work – the smartphone is always with us. Mobile devices are now standard equipment in industrial plants as well. This allows machines and production systems to be operated more efficiently and, in many cases, more safely: for example, by enabling the system status to be called up remotely, or by eliminating the need to climb to the top of a tall vessel, or enter a hazardous zone to read sensor measurements. 

💡 The combination of reliable and simple

The productivity and efficiency of machines and entire plants always depends on how quickly and conveniently their status data can be visualised. The VEGA Tools app is mobile-based software that makes exactly this task easy. 

In machines and production systems, VEGA sensors deliver data that are not only needed for direct control. Some of these individual process values can also provide decisive information for planning maintenance work or eliminating faults. For almost six years, the VEGA Tools app has been offering the ability to remotely operate VEGA sensors equipped with Bluetooth: for setting them up, as well as viewing and evaluating their measured values. Current status information can be easily visualised on smartphones and tablets.

📲 Automatically up to date

One of the advantages of working with the app, according to VEGA product manager Jakob Hummel, is the simple fact that “the it is always up to date.” By automatically providing the app with the latest functions, security updates and device drivers, life becomes much easier for users. “Process technicians get all measured values via the app, quickly and securely, and can call them up immediately.”

✅ Already done: the proof test  

Proof testing is one of the duties of many plant operators, and though it is costly and has to be carried out at regular intervals, it is necessary in order to guarantee full safety and functional performance. As important as the regulation is: preparing thoroughly, reading manuals and operating instructions, as well as compiling all important documents is absolutely necessary, to ensure that any test disturbs ongoing production processes as little as possible, and operates efficiently and smoothly. 

Now, especially in the case of VEGASWING 60 series level switches, the proof test is noticeably easier and more efficient when using the latest version of the VEGA Tools app. Thanks to a built-in assistant, it optimises and organises the test sequences and reduces the work down to a total of five or seven simple steps. The test not only guides and accompanies the user step by step; at the end it provides a validated test protocol in pdf format. All that remains to be done manually is saving it or printing it out. And the automatically generated protocol is complete.

VEGA Tools app
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