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Steam separator

Steam separator pressure measurement and point level detection.

Process data

Measuring task:
Pressure and point level measurement
Measuring point:
Tank and pipeline
Measuring range up to:
+3.5 bar
Water, saturated steam
Process temperature:
+50 … +135 °C
Process pressure:
0 … +5 bar
Special challenges:


In the production of purified water, the process begins with tap water being fed into the steam separator. The tap water evaporates there and is fed into the condenser. Evaporation is effected by a heat exchanger supplied with saturated steam. To ensure that the heat exchanger is always covered with tap water, reliable level detection is required. The pressure inside the steam separator must be kept constant in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Your benefit

The materials used do not interact with the medium.
Cost effective
Maximum process efficiency is guaranteed through reliable measurement
User friendly
Standardized adapter system for all process fittings

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