Making the hydrogen world greener

That is the stated goal of the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam. As the leading global platform, the summit brings together manufacturers and governments once again.

Because the central focus is on making production processes efficient, safe, and future-proof, VEGA is also present in Rotterdam with the latest level and pressure measurement technology. "VEGA has decades of experience and specific expertise that we can strategically contribute to the transformation of the hydrogen industry," announces Sebastian Harbig, VEGA Global Projects Manager, about the trade show appearance.

Numerous demo applications focus on topics such as performance under high pressure, optimal material selection, such as gold coating of pressure transmitters, and the precision fit of sensors for their application. It is precisely these factors that contribute to making hydrogen more competitive and scalable.

Meet the VEGA level and pressure experts LIVE at the World Hydrogen Summit 2024. VEGA offers the appropriate solutions here for the challenges facing the entire industry: for expanding production facilities, for safe and economical transportation, and for reliable operation of electrolysers.

Présence sur le stand :

Rob Smulders
Roland Röhrs
Joris van der Goes
Sebastian Harbig
Stefan Kaspar