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Precise radar measurement technology for fast processes

How radar made the CIP process for butter so much better

How a simple point level measurement saw through the foam

Compact radar sensors without dead zone deliver reliable level values in small vessels

Level measurement with ultrasonic was yesterday - the future is radar!

Compared to ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors measure unaffected by temperature fluctuations, vacuum or high pressures and are insensitive to contamination. Discover compact level sensors with 80 GHz radar technology now.
VEGABAR pressure transmitter with a ceramic measuring cell

7 good reasons for using pressure transmitters with ceramic measuring cell

Car Interior - Steering Wheel

Monitoring the level of molten polyethylene for car parts

Level measurement in glass vessels with 80 GHz radar sensor

Assistance in the search for leaks

Online Live Demo

In 30-minute live demonstrations, our product managers will show you the functionality and advantages of the new instruments.

A Clean Switch

Radar sensor VEGAPULS 64 ushers in a new outlook for level measurement in chemical and pharmaceutical applications

Greg Tischler discusses 80 GHz radar for level measurement.

Interview: Greg Tischler

Alex Chang prepares is part of the VEGA Projects Team

Interview: Alex Chang

VEGAPULS 64 delivers results in a schnapps distillery

Interview Marcel Schrempp

A comparison of radar sensors and ultrasonic transmitters for non-contact level measurement.

Measurement technology comparison: 80 GHz radar sensors vs. ultrasonic transmitters for level measurement

Small process fittings extend the area of application for radar

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