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Learn more about VEGA technologies below.

VEGAPULS radar level measurement


The radar sensor sends microwave signals to the medium from above. The surface of the medium reflects the signals back in the direction of the sensor. Time of flight is used to calculate continuous level.

VEGAFLEX guided wave radar

Guided wave radar

Guided wave radar sends microwave pulses along a cable or rod probe, which guide the signal to the product surface before its reflected back to the sensor. The amount of time it takes for this signal to return is used to calculate level.

VEGABAR process pressure


Pressure measuring techniques can be used to measure not only process or differential pressure, but also level, volume, density or mass flow in all areas of process technology.

VEGA Radiation based measurement


A slightly radioactive isotope emits focused gamma rays through the vessel and process media toward a sensor on the opposite side of the vessel. Using the amount of radiation reaching the sensor, internal electronics infer level.