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PLICSCOM now with optional Bluetooth!

The innovative PLICSCOM display and adjustment module is mounted directly on the sensor for measured value indication, adjustment and diagnostics. This new optional Bluetooth feature allows any transmitter to be adjusted wirelessly from a distance of approximately 25 meters.
  • Ideal for use on high tanks or inaccessible areas
  • Convenient, safe sensor adjustment, even in bad weather
  • Adjustment with PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Secure connection via PIN and encryption
  • Adjustment with magnetic pen through closed sensor lid
  • Ideal for hazardous areas or dirty measuring environments
  • Compatible retrofit to all plics® sensors manufactured since 2002

Instrument adjustment via smartphone or tablet

Your smartphone or tablet provides convenient access to all adjustment functions of the sensor.

  • Simple and intuitive app operation
  • Optimized display in portrait and landscape format
  • Graphical support information in the app
  • Identical menu structure to PACTware/DTM

Measurement display and diagnostics via smartphone or tablet

A quick check of the diagnostic information? A quick look at the measured values now and then? This optimized display and diagnostics function makes it possible!

  • Fast and easy visualization
  • Display of measured value and sensor status
  • Diagnostics via echo curve and event memory
  • Additional information displayed, e.g. Bluetooth range
VEGA Tools App for Android in the Google Play Store
VEGA Tools App for iPhone in the Apple App Store

Wireless instrument adjustment with a PC

State of the art: the sensors are configured as usual with the established PACTware software and DTM drivers, but now you can connect with a Bluetooth USB adapter!

  • Convenient wireless setup of the sensors
  • Simple and fast connection, e.g. for diagnostic purposes
  • Easy plug in Bluetooth USB adapter

On-site adjustment with magnetic pen

A smart solution: with the help of a magnetic pen, a sensor can be adjusted through the window of a closed lid! A perfect solution for difficult measuring environments.

  • Ideal for rough and dirty areas
  • Easy adjustment in hazardous areas
  • Safe operation without opening the lid
  • Adjustment possible even with gloves on